Founder's Pickaxe

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Wieldable Pickaxe Founder E 000.png
Founder's Pickaxe
Quality Exceptional
Category Icon itemCategory tools.png Pick
Icon itemCategory tools.png Axe
Resource rating 6
Harvesting damage 65
Harvesting speed 70
Harvesting size 100
An upgraded pick combined with a second tool, an axe awarded as part of the Settler Pack.

This item cannot be salvaged.

[data page]

Recipes that require this item

Founder's Shockwave Pickaxe
100 Ruby
40 Mithril Ingot
40 Elemental Mithril
1 Founder's Pickaxe
25 Frosted Heartwood
Creates 1 Founder's Shockwave Pickaxe
Cast time 1 seconds
(imp642) [data page]