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Boundaries of a character's claim.
A claim as viewed on the map with unclaimable land shown.

Claims are pieces of land where a character can build structures and place items. Claims are three dimensional, and therefore have a lower and upper height. The character must have permission in order to build, which is gained either through ownership of the claim or can be granted by a friend for cooperative building. A claim also makes a large area around it unclaimable by other characters, which is called the claim buffer. The buffer exists in order to prevent overcrowding and to make room for attached claims.

Crafting Claims[edit | edit source]

Claim Flag
Station Forge
Creates 1 Claim Flag
Cast time 0.25 seconds
(imp640) [data page]

Attached Claim Flag
Station Forge
Creates 1 Attached Claim Flag
Cast time 0.25 seconds
(imp487) [data page]
In order to make a main claim in an area of claimable land where a character has no current claims, a Claim Flag is needed. If one has collected the needed resources in the recipe to the left, it can be crafted at a Tinkerer's Workshop. Any character can use the Tinkerer's Workshop located at a Portal Spire. Once a Claim Flag has been acquired, a character only needs to travel to claimable land, right-click the claim flag in inventory, and then place their claim.

It is also possible to make new claims attached to existing ones by using Attached Claim Flags, which can also be crafted at Tinkerer's Workshops. These require a variety of tier 2 resources however.

Deleting Claims[edit | edit source]

To delete a claim, open the Claim Management window (U key), and press the 'Delete Claim' button in the lower right. Deleting a main claim will also remove its attached claims. Claims will also be automatically deleted when the prepaid upkeep runs out, for an explanation see Claim Upkeep and Claim Expiration below.

NOTE: items and resources on the claim will be returned to your inventory, as will the claim flag(s), but paid upkeep stays in the upkeep bank. They are available to other claims, current or future (even if you delete your last claim, your upkeep bank balance is available when you create a new claim in the future).

Claim Upkeep[edit | edit source]

Resources must be paid from the upkeep bank on a daily basis for a character to keep their claims, and this withdrawal is automatic. Resources can be deposited for this purpose into the upkeep bank through the Claim Management menu (U key). Upkeep payments are automatically made from this bank even if the character is offline. The maximum upkeep bank balance follows a progression, which means there is a progression in how long one can prepay upkeep for. The progression is tied to the length of time you have spent paying for a claim. When you hit a number of days paid in a row your cap will be increased and you will receive a confirmation in the mail. When you’re just starting out, the cap is five days. Once you've spent those 5 days, your cap will increase to 7 days. After 15 days, the cap increases to 10 days. After 30 days, the cap increases to 15 days. After 50 days, the cap increases to 20 days. After 80 days, the cap increases to 25 days. Finally, after 120 days, cap will max at 30 days. Note that if you happen to miss a claim upkeep payment and your claim forecloses, you won’t start over from zero. Instead, it will pick back up at whatever tier you left off at.

NOTE: using SC to purchase claim upkeep adds the appropriate number of resource to your upkeep bank.

The resources required for upkeep are a fixed amount per claim. Each claim costs 300 Copper Ore per day. One can either mine the copper ore or buy it from the Marketplace using Station Cash(SC). 50,000 Copper costs 499 SC and 10,000 Copper costs 99 SC.

If the player then has 7 claims (2 main claims and 5 additional claims), the rate per day is 2100 (from 7*300). This makes the maximum upkeep bank balance 2100 multiplied with the prepay cap. So if the player has a cap of 20 days, he/she will have a maximum of 2100*20 = 42000 copper, which will take about an hour to collect with a Legendary Mithril Pickaxe. Note that a player can pay these 42000 Copper and then reduce the upkeep rate per day by reducing the number of claims, so that one effectively exceeds the prepay cap. As an example, if the number of claims was lowered to 1, then the rate per day would be 300, and subsequently it would take 42000/30 = 140 days for it to foreclose. This will probably be changed.

It is recommended for a player to start with a low number of claims so that he/she can focus on learning and building rather than hoarding empty claims and paying more upkeep than needed.

Claim Expiration[edit | edit source]

If insufficient resources are available in the upkeep bank when upkeep comes due, a character will lose their claim and the land there will revert to its natural state, as it was before anything was built there. All the resources and items are returned via mail and everything built on a claim is stored as a template, allowing it to be very quickly rebuilt on a new claim. This is called claim foreclosure. The only negative effect of such an event is that you may lose your prime claim location as a result, since the spot will then again be claimable.

Claim Permissions[edit | edit source]

Each claim has its own permission settings which can be accessed through the Claim Management menu (U key), under the Security tab. These settings can be used to grant other players all or some of the rights that an owner would have over the claim. One can either specify the permissions for individual players, or set a Public Security Level which applies to all the other characters.

The permission levels are as follows:

  • No Access (no rights)
  • Visitor
  • Customer
  • Decorator
  • Builder (ability to create, change, and delete voxels)

Claim Tags[edit | edit source]

A claim may be tagged when a player wants it to appear in other players searches in the Gallery, as well as in the "New Build-Outs" on the front page of the Gallery. A claim can be given searchable keywords (tags) using the Claim Management (hotkey:U). They are simply entered in the "Claims Tags" text-box with a space between each keyword. The current maximum number of tags is 10. Note that the claim creator's name as well as the claim description also become searchable.