Data:Recipes/Alchemy Lab (71)

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Parameter name Variable name Property name(s) Value
name recipe_imp71_name Has name Alchemy Lab
recipe_imp71_wiki_id Has wiki id imp71
id recipe_imp71_id Has id 71
creates recipe_imp71_creates_data Creates item
Creates item/data
Data:Items/Alchemy Lab (157)
catalysts recipe_imp71_catalysts_data Is from recipe
Requires quantity
Requires item
Has catalyst text
600;Data:Items/Sapphire (57)

30;Data:Items/Gold Ingot (113) 45;Data:Items/Cobalt Ingot (114) 1;Data:Items/Alchemy Station (156) 250;Data:Items/Bundle of Burled Wood Planks (204) 35;Data:Items/Ancient Heartwood (589)

count_awarded recipe_imp71_count_awarded Creates amount 1
cast_time recipe_imp71_cast_time Has casting time 10
station_name recipe_imp71_station_name Requires station

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