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Making your first claim[edit | edit source]

Crafting a claim flag[edit | edit source]

Claim Flag
Station Forge
Creates 1 Claim Flag
Cast time 0.25 seconds
(imp640) [data page]

After creating a character, you will start out at a Portal Spire on a tier 1 island. One of the first goals is to craft a Claim Flag that can be used make your first claim, an area owned by your character where he or she can build.

Deposits of copper ore in desert terrain
Icon for the portal spire on the map
  1. You need to leave the portal spire to find and collect the needed resources:
    • To find Copper Ore, look for orange metallic deposits, often found around rocky areas.
      • To collect it, equip a pickaxe. By default, one is bound to the number 1 spot on your hotbar at the bottom of the screen, and can be equipped by pressing the "1" key, or by clicking the pickaxe on the hotbar.
      • With the pickaxe equipped, hover over the deposit and left click to mine the copper until you exhaust the deposit or have as much as you wish.
    • To find Heartwood, simply locate a tree.
      • To collect it, equip an axe. By default, one is bound to the number 2 spot on your hotbar at the bottom of the screen, and can equipped by pressing the "2" key, or by clicking the axe on the hotbar.
      • With the axe equipped, left click on the tree to begin chopping wood.
  2. Once you have enough resources, return to the Portal Spire to craft your flag.
    • Find the Tinkerer's Workshop on the platform and click it.
    • Locate "Claim Flag" in the menu, click that, and then click Craft.

Optional: Craft better tools and useful items[edit | edit source]

While this can wait until after a claim is made, crafting better tools is very helpful. It is beneficial to do this before it is necessary to pay upkeep on any claim. These are recommended:

Traveler's Grappling Hook
Station Tinkerer's Workshop
5 Smelted Copper
100 Ether Shard
Creates 1 Traveler's Grappling Hook
Cast time 3 seconds
(imp765) [data page]
Copper Pick
6 Copper Ingot
6 Elemental Copper
8 Heartwood
Creates 1 Copper Pick
Cast time 1 seconds
(imp17) [data page]
Iron Pick
250 Aquamarine
10 Iron Ingot
10 Elemental Iron
6 Wild Heartwood
Creates 1 Iron Pick
Cast time 1 seconds
(imp19) [data page]
Tin Axe
50 Tourmaline
4 Tin Ingot
4 Elemental Tin
8 Heartwood
Creates 1 Tin Axe
Cast time 1 seconds
(imp349) [data page]
Ore Prospector
Station Forge
1500 Smelted Copper
750 Cut Agate
Creates 1 Ore Prospector
Cast time 0.25 seconds
(imp748) [data page]
Portal Shard
Station Tinkerer's Workshop
400 Ether Shard
Creates 1 Portal Shard
Cast time 1 seconds
(imp508) [data page]

Note that if you have the Founder's Pickaxe or Founder's Shockwave Pickaxe, there is little point in making the Tin Axe.

Be warned that Wild Heartwood requires Palm Hearts, found only in Wild Palms, a difficult to find tree only located in Tropical biomes. It may take considerable patience to find enough to craft the Iron Pick and Ore Prospector.

You can add these items to your Gathering List through your Recipe Journal, bound to the "L" key by default. Find the recipes on the left side, select them, and then click "Start Tracking" on the right to have the items appear in your list.

Aside from the Traveler's Grappling Hook and the Copper Pick, the other items above require tier 2 resources. The Copper Pick is needed to collect many of those resources, so that will need to be crafted first. After that, it will be necessary to teleport to a tier 2 or higher island to collect the resources for the others. Click on the Leyline Station in the middle of the portal spire to see a list of islands you can teleport to.

Iron deposits can be seen as dark blue patches on the ground. They are usually connected to hidden tin deposits. Follow the iron to locate the tin. Aquamarine deposits are brighter blue-green patches. The most difficult item to find are the Palm Hearts need to make Wild Heartwood, and it may necessary to check multiple islands with tropical biomes. But usually it is only the first Wild Palm that is challenging to find, as there are often many others in the same general area.

Using a claim flag[edit | edit source]

Once you have any resources and upgraded tools you'd like to have, you may wish to make your first claim. Remember that you can place a claim on any available land on any island. To see the claimable land, pull up the map and check the "Show Claimable Land" box. Any land not covered by red is available to be claimed.

Once you have found a spot you wish to claim, pull up your inventory and right-click your Claim Flag. The map will automatically come up, allowing you to use the mouse to choose the block of land you wish to claim. You'll have to confirm, and at this time, the confirmation dialog will inform you what resources you'll need for upkeep on your claim. On a tier 1 island, this will be 300 Copper Ore per day.

You can press "U" by default to bring up your Claim Management menu. Clicking on the "Upkeep Management" button will bring up a button that will let you deposit resources into your upkeep bank. You can only store up to eight days of resources for upkeep, and it comes due on a daily basis. If you do not have enough resources banked when it comes due, your claim will expire. All resources and items used on the claim are returned and anything built on the claim is stored as a template.