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Special note: With the game still in beta, the content below is likely to change without warning. The most up-to-date information will generally be found at the official site.

The Player Studio in Landmark offers players a chance to sell their templates to other players for real-world money through the game's marketplace via Station Cash.

In other games by Sony Online Entertainment, items created with tools outside the game can also be sold through the Player Studio. This is not yet available in Landmark, and it is not clear when or if this feature may become available.

Buying templates in the Player Studio[edit | edit source]

These templates are bought from the in-game marketplace much like items offered for sale by SOE itself. There are special limitations placed on templates purchased in this way, however:

  • No changes can be made to the template is materials and texture using the Paint Tool.
  • The template can only be used in full. It isn't possible to use only part of it.
  • Other player's cannot copy these templates unless they too have purchased them.

Otherwise, the templates can be used as many times as desired as long as the player has the necessary materials.

Selling templates in the Player Studio[edit | edit source]

To sell templates through the player studio, it is necessary to register as a seller with SOE and get a tax registration number. Currently, there is a ten dollar fee to process the tax registration. Note that the process is different outside the United States; check the official site to see if it is possible to register in your country and what the process may be.

Additionally, there is a one dollar fee charged for each item submitted to sell on the market.

Item approval[edit | edit source]

There are only two simple rules items must obey to be approved:

  1. The item must not violate any copyright laws. For example, you could not make a template based on Gondor from Lord of the Rings and then offer it for sale.
  2. The item must not be blatantly offensive, such as including symbols of well-known hate groups.

When an item is submitted for approval, players that have spent at least 1000 Station Cash will be randomly selected to see a screenshot and description of your template. If enough players give it a thumbs-up, the item is approved. Rejected items are reviewed by SOE staff, who will approve the item if they determine it does not break the two rules above. If it is believed that a player rejected an item based on personal tastes or any factor other than those two rules, SOE staff may elect not to present that player with any further items to review.

Pricing[edit | edit source]

Items must be sold for Station Cash, and there is a minimum price of 25 Station Cash.

Splitting profit[edit | edit source]

At the time of this writing, sellers receive 40% of the profit on the items they sell. It's important to note that this is not necessarily 40% of the value of the Station Cash, as SOE subtracts various expenses before splitting the remaining amount. For specific details, check the Player Studio FAQ.