Primary Weapon

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Name Quality Crafted at Cost Description
Adventurer's Blade Common Forge N/A A basic weapon used for self-defense.
Blade of Assault Common Forge N/A Those who wield this blade are propelled accross the battlefield, reaching their opponents with ease while shrugging off most injuries.
Crescent-Bladed Broadsword Common Forge N/A The crescent-shaped energizes those who wield it, giving them the power to invoke Lightning and unleash it upon their foes.
Darkseel Sword and Shield Common Forge N/A The wielder of this shadow sword and shield can channel and bend dark energy to form shields and drain the life force of foes.
Lucent Wand Common Forge N/A The magical wand is infused with radiance, allowing its wielder to bestow defensive shield and bend light to devastating effects.
Dragonbone Bow Common Forge N/A This magical bow, enchanted with the aspect of fire, is capable of inflicting tremendous damage at long range.
Obsidian Daggers Common Forge N/A The wielder of this pair of affliction daggers can perform quick attacks while darting around the battlefield and leaving poison in your wake.
Frozen Crystal Staff Common Forge N/A This ancient staff grants its wielder power over ice, which can be used to freeze or slow opponents while dealing damage over time.