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Everything gathered in Landmark is called a resource, as opposed to materials which are used to build. The main categories of resources are gems, metal, stone, wood and plants. Upon gathering a resources the player has a chance to find an elemental version of the resource, or if the resource is a type of dirt then the player can also find items used to upgrade other items. The chance is determined by discovery. Resources like liquids, Lumicites and Infused Plants are refined from the basic resources using a Crafting Station.

Gem, ore, and stone locations[edit | edit source]

Common gems, ore, and stone are found on the surface. Rare resources and resources of the next tier can be found in caves.

Surface resources[edit | edit source]

Tier 1: Copper and Agate

Tier 2: Iron, Tin (rare), Aquamarine, Marble, Amaranthine

Tier 3: Tungsten, Silver (rare), Amethyst, Marble, Amaranthine, Obsidian, Alabaster

Tier 4: Cobalt, Gold (rare), Sapphire, Obsidian, Alabaster

Cave resources[edit | edit source]

Tier 1: Iron, Tin, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Ancient Earth

Tier 2: Tin, Tungsten, Silver, Tourmaline, Amethyst, Topaz, Ancient Earth

Tier 3: Silver, Cobalt, Gold, Topaz, Sapphire, Emerald, Ancient Earth

Tier 4: Gold, Mithril, Rubicite, Etherium (rare), Emerald, Ruby, Diamond, Moonstone (rare), Ancient Earth

Lists of resources[edit | edit source]