Stone Forge

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Stone Forge
Quality Common
Category Icon itemCategory props.png Crafting Station
A Tier 1 forge that can handle the creation of metal ingots and advanced tools and unlocks Item Upgrading.
[data page]
A Stone Forge at a Portal Spire.

The most basic forge, Stone Forges can be found at Portal Spires for public use, or can be crafted like props and placed on claims, where they can be used only by their owner.

Recipes that create this item

Stone Forge
Station Tinkerer's Workshop
20 Smelted Tin
20 Cut Marble
40 Charcoal
400 Ether Shard
Creates 1 Stone Forge
Cast time 10 seconds
(imp638) [data page]

Crafting[edit | edit source]

This station is used to craft the following items: