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A template is essentially a saved plan for a structure or part of a structure that is created from an existing build. It can be used to quickly place copies of that structure in other places as long as the character using the templates has enough of the needed resources and props. The Player Studio allows players not only to buy templates with Station Cash through the Marketplace, but also to offer them for sale and earn real-world money.

Creating a template[edit | edit source]

To create a template from an existing structure:

  1. Use the Selection Tool to select the desired structure or portion thereof.
  2. Open the Templates menu, which can normally be done by pressing "T".
  3. Click "Create New".
  4. Type a name for the template in the window.
  5. Optionally, aim your camera to get a representative screenshot and click "Take Screenshot".
  6. Click "Create" to finish the step.

Placing a template[edit | edit source]

To start placing a template is a simple matter of selecting a template through the menu and clicking "Place". Note that you will need enough resources and props to do this. The template can then be placed by simply left-clicking once it is in the correct position.

What is often more difficult, however, is getting it positioned exactly as desired. Switching to tweak mode by holding "Shift" as you left-click is usually the best way. This makes it much easier to make small adjustments in position or even larger adjustments such as rotation by increments of ninety degrees.