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In Landmark, there are many ways to Travel. The most basic method of travelling between islands is as simple as using the Leyline Station located at the center of the Portal Spire. Stand near it, left-click on it, select World Travel, select your destination island, and you will teleport near the Portal Spire of the desired island. Local Travel lets players travel down into the caves beneath the surface on each island.

Besides using the Portal Spire for travel, players may also travel to a friend, teleport to a claim through the Gallery or use the Stone of Recall item. There is also the option of evacuating to safety.

Travel to Friend[edit | edit source]

After using the Contacts Interface (hotkey:K) to add a friend, (or after right-clicking a player to add them as a friend,) a player may then travel to them once every 30 minutes. This is achieved by opening the Contacts Interface, and right-clicking the player name and selecting "Travel to Friend".

Teleport to Claim (Gallery)[edit | edit source]

The Showcase Interface (hotkey:B) can also be used for travel by selecting its Gallery tab. In the Gallery tab, the player may search for the claim he/she wishes to visit (if the claim is tagged). Then after finding it, the player may left-click it and choose "Visit Claim", to instantaneously travel there.

Stone of Recall[edit | edit source]

The Stone of Recall is a starter item that when right-clicked (or activated from the Action bar) allows the player to fast travel to his/her own claims or the portal spire of the current island once every 20 minutes.

Evac to Safety[edit | edit source]

By pressing Esc the player is presented with the option to "Evac to Safety". This button will evacuate the player away from a claim and to the surface, in order to help a player that may be stuck or trapped. Note that this will let a player get to the island surface from caves.